• The ARC: an Archiarchy Research Center

    in western Canada

    What is Archiarchy?

    Archiarchy is the culture that emerges when Matriarchy and Patriarchy have run their course.

    What is an ARC? Archiarchy Research Centers are places where Archiarchy is being Discovered and Invented

    Expand the Box and Possibility Lab are training for Possibility Management

    Possibility Management (PM) is one of the Gameworlds that is inventing Archiarchy.

    Expand the Box (ETB) is the foundation training for PM.

    Possibility Labs build on this.

    Archiarchy Maker Faires are convergences for firther training, celebration and cross-pollenation.


    Bridge-House is a Live-In Next Culture Laboratory

    For Possibility Managers committed to Archiarchy, Bridge-House becomes an obvious next step. Temporary and long term live-in experiments where ongoing Initiations are happening alongside day-to-day collaborative creation.

    Initiation is in the Center

    Whether a 10 minute or 90 minute Emotional Healing Process, or an Initiation that spans 3 month, Initiation into Free and Natural Adulthood is ongoing in Archiarchy Research Centers around the world. And while Archans-in-the-Making are moving from place to place, holding their personal bubbles of Archiarchy. Authentic Adulthood is the doorway to the Archetypal Ego State, through which Archiarchy emerges.

  • The Unfolding Story of this ARC


    'If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.'

    ~ Henry David Thoreau

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    "I am here for this" ~ Nicole

    Born and raised in Modern Culture, it became more and more frequent for me to think, anad say, "I hate this, I am NOT here for THIS." THIS was bullying, stupid rules, pollution, extermination of species; categorizing and evaluation of humans by race, genetic lineage, gender, sexual orientation; war-waging, power-grabbing, territory-invasion; devastation of ecosystems; the side-effects of Patriarchy: the Capitalist Colonial Corporate Empire. I was not here for the Empire nor for it's purpose, which is to perpetuate itself. When I discovered Possibility Management in 2020, massive releif swept through me as my clarity sharpened about what I AM here for: Archiarchy.

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    Awakening House

    I'll go back a bit: After trying and failing at marriage, my neccessity to sater over and my pre-PM visions inspired me to create the Awakening House Temporary Permaculture Ashram in Calgary, AB, Canada. For 5+1 years, this was my live-in research center about how to do the 'people part' of permaculture, after seeing it fail time and time again. It largely failed here, too. On the other hand, much magic happened. In the +1 year, I zoomed-in to countless PM spaces from the remains of Awakening House, discovering what had been missing, and had another Possibilitator, Brianne Vaillancourt, join me.

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    Training Intensifies

    From Awakening House I zoomed in to my first Rage Clubs, Expand the Box training, and Rage Club Spaceholder Training. I became for some months part of the General Memetics Team writing experiments for StartOver.xyz, the massive multiplayer on- and off-line transformation game, powered by Possibility Management. Finally I was asked, "What would it take for you to come to the Washing Machine in Portugal?" The Washing Machine is what Possibilitators fondly call a stretch of PM Trainings. This one, for me, started with an ETB in Canada, then a PETB (Practice ETB) in Portugal before one more ETB, 2 Labs and a week of Possibilitator Training. I hung myself out to dry for a week before accepting invitations to projects in Potugal and Germany.

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    Back and Forth

    I had not planned to come back to Canada, but lo and behold, given circumstances, I chose to come back. Less than a year later, I was invited back to Europe to join the Possibility Coaching Bridge-House in Czechia. By the time this 3 month project was over, I was clear that this WORKED. I went back to Canada, and within less than a year, I was part of the Magic Cow Bridge-House in upstate New York. Before I left to join, my Mother, Carol asked me if I would come to live with her on the Sunshine Coast of BC after the Bridge-House was over. I agreed, and resolved to buld a Bridge-House near her, starting when I got back.

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    Landing in BC

    I was surprised to have a 5 body YES to 'settling' ...anywhere. Having come to the Sunshine Coast to bbe near my parents and lay midwives before giving birth the first time in 1991, I lived here until 2001. I knew that this part of the world is teeming with Edgeworkers, and I wanted to search them and their projects out. It soon became clear there are many here hungry for Archiarchy. This is a perfect place for an Archiarchy Reseach Center, a Bridge-House, a perfect place for this ARC to be built.

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    Next Steps

    An Archan Permaculture practitioner makes time to observe new territory before taking action to change something. For almost 4 months I have occuppied a small room in my Mother's home, getting clear about what is what, and where, and who and Village Weaving. As the spring of 2024 springs, I am treasure hunting for private land where a one-month open-air Archiarchy Makers Faire can exist. Nested in the camp, I want to create a week or weekend long gathering for local Edgeworkers to get a taste of Archiarchy. As soon as I have 3 Possibilitators committed to joining me for weekly context deepening calls, I will update this website! For now I am beginning to draft the Codex for The ARC, as I also build a local Rage Club Gameworld.



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    The ARC Codex

    The Codex for the ARCCan: the Codex includes Purpose, Principles, Shadow Principals and Purpose, Vison, Mission, Bill of Wrongs, Rules of Engagement, logo, Customs, Central Research, Origin Stories, Circles, Nodes, Assumptions about How Things Work. The ARC Codex is a living, evolving document and can be found here.



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    Hello, my name is Nicole. I am building an ARC.

    My name, Nicole Hartley Bradford, means "victory of the people, a sheltered place for deer, a wide way across water." It's a lot to live up to. I long ago decided to go for it. So, I am removing Modern Culture from my system, ever-becoming an Ambassador for Archiarchy.


    As part of this adventure, I deliver Tastes of Rage Club, Rage Club, Fear Club, Five Body Awareness Training, EHP SkillUp Training, Gameworld Building Possibility Team, Mother Graduation Adventure Team, Money Club; I hold space for 333 Zoom-In Crossroads, Money Club Research Group, Dismantling Resentment Research Group, UnBecoming a Lone Wolf Research Group.


    I am here for Archiarchy.


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    Want to Hear More or be involved?

    If, having read all this, YOU want to contact me for any reason - or for no reason, here is how: